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  I. Phonetics(50points)

  Directions: In Bach of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or combinations manked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify theone that is different in pronuneiatiot.Mark your answer by blackeningthe corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  1.A. game B. late C. trade D.have


  2.A. there B. thick C. thank D. thirty


  3.A. useless B. endless C. unless D.hopeless


  4.A.cool B.flood C.food D. moon


  5.A.easy B.noisy C.bysy D. fantasy


  II. Vocabulary and Structure( 15 points)

  Directions:Therefare 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For leach sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D- Choose one answer that best completes the sentenceand blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  6.This testis esigned for student()native language is not English.

  A. whose B.whom C. to whom D. to whose


  7.while()along the shore, I found a lot of sea shells.

  A.walk B.walking C. to walk D. walked


  8. The sweater she recfived in the end differed( )the one she had seen online.

  A.by B.in C.with D. from


  9.there are numerous websites on the Internet___you can learn haw to cook

  A.that B.when C.where D.which


  10.The writer's first book is___popular than his second one

  A.so B.less C.such D.much


  11. Tom is a careless person.He forgot___the door again when he went out yesterday

  A.to look B.loking C.to have locked D. having locke












  Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B,C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening thecorresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


  IV. Reading Comprehension (60 points)

  Directions: Therellare five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose thebest answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


  When my daughter first began competing in school chess tournaments,I often chatted with eter parents.Sometimes, d ask if they played chess, themselves.Usually,the reply was no. When I volunteered that I was learning to play, their tone was cheerfully joking:" Good luck with that!" , If this game is so good fopylds, why are adults ignoring it? Seeing someone playing smart phone games. I wanted to say,' why are you haring your kids do chess while you do that?"

  Sure,we parents had work to do,work that helped pay for the lessons our kids were enjoying. But,I also wondered if we were sending a subtle message,that learning was for the young. During one tourngament,I saw a group of parents They were playing chess! Just then , a group of kids passed me : " why are aoults learningchess?" One asked,in a vaguely teasing tone.

  I was tired of sitting on the sidelines. I wanted in, And that is how I got a membership care and started throwing myself in. Early on, I was nervous,even master can sometimes play badly," as one Grandmaster(国际象棋大师) put it""a fan never." And fan Iwas.1t was three hours of concentration and thinking. whit my phone off.It felt like a gym for the brain.

  Being a beginner can be hard at any age, but it gets harder. The Phrase "adult beginner" has an air gentle pity. It implies the learning of something that you should have perhaps already learned.

  36. what can we learn about other parents from their remarks in para 1?

  A. they were indifferent to about learners

  B.they agreed on the idea of learning chess,

  C.they gave congratulations to the adult lessons

  D.they thought it odd for an adult to learn chess

  37.what was a group of parents doing one tournament in para.2()

  A. playing chess

  B. enjoying cheatting

  C.watching kid play chess

  D. helping kids with their lessons

  38. Which of the following is closes in meaning to "stting the sidelines" in para 3.

  A Not being noticed

  B Expressing vague ideas

  C Not being involved.

  D.Follwing what others do.

  39 What did writer think of his experience of learning to play chess?

  A、It helped him remain calm.

  B、It helped him train his brain.

  C.It made him proud of himself

  D、It made him question himself.



  There's an old fixed understanding about the difference between cats and days.Dogs are loving and loyal,while cats are aloof and in different.Most cat people.However,probadly disagree,Overal,cat research suggests cats doifrom emotional bands with their owners.Cats seen to experience separation anxiety,respond to their owners' voices more than to strangers' and look for can fort when scared.

  But a new study reveals a more complicated picture of our relationship with cats. A dapting a method previously used to studys dogs.

  40.what do most cat people probably disagree with according to para 1.

  A.Cats are strange

  B.Cats are loving

  C.Cats are caring

  D.Cats are cold

  41.what does most research above cats show.

  A.They don't heed their owners'attention.

  B.They are emotionally attached to their owners

  C.They don't experience separation anxiety as days do.

  D.They respond to their owner's voices less than days do.


  42、 what can be leaned from the study?

  A. cats take food no matter who feeds them

  B. Cats refuse food from unhelpful strangers

  C. Dogs refuse food from these who anger them

  D. Dogs take food no matter how they are treated

  43. What should we do to better understand cats, according to the last paragraph ?

  A.To treat them as fiends

  B. To compare the with dogs

  C.To regard them as animals

  D. To care about their behavior




  In 1542, Francisco de orellana led the first European voyage down the Amazon River.During this voyage the explorer met a lot of resistance(抵抗) from the local http://Indians.In one particular tribe the women fighter were so fierce that they drove their male fighter in front of them with spears.Thus the river the was named after the famous women fighters of the ancient Greek stories, the Amazons.

  This voyage also started our wonder of the greatest river and the largest area of rainforest on the world. About 20% of all freshwater carried to the oceans is from the Amazon River.The Amazon basin is the world' s largest,about the size of Europe.The river is a product of the rainy season,which brings huge rains every summer.This also produces a large area of rainforest,which supports the largest number of diverse plants and animals of any area in the world.The Amazon rainforest is also important when it comes to the future of global warming,as it is a huge natural store of carbon.Up until recently it was thought that the Amazon had fully grown and thus couled not take up any more CO2.Experiments have shown this could be wrong and that the Amazon rainforest might be sucking up anadditional five tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per hectare(公顷)per year.This is because plants react favorably to increased CO2;because it is the raw material for photosynthesis(光合作用),the more of it the better.So having more coz in the atmosphere acts like a fertilizer, stimulating plant growth. Because of the size of the Amazon rainforest, it seems that presently it is taking up a large percentage of our CO2 pollution in the atmosphere,about 75% of the world' s car pollution.

  48:After whom the Amazon River named?

  A.They Indian women fighters.

  B.They store heat.

  C.They both help plants grow.

  D.They both gause global warming.


  50.Which of the following statement is ture?

  A.The Amazon basin is the largest in the world

  B.The Amazon River causes huge rains every summer

  C.The Amazon!rainforest supports about 20% of the worid's

  D.The Amazon River carries 75% of the world'swater to oceams


  51.what is implied in the last paragraph?

  A.The Amazon rainforest may disappear soon

  B.The Amazonmay take up more CO2 in he furture

  C.The size of the Amazon basin may become small

  D.People may change the name of the Amazon River


  The AIDA model is the foundation of modern marketing and advertising practice.It outcines the four basic steps that can be used to persuade potential to make a purchase. The first three steps lie in creating attention(A) derecoping interest (i),and bulilding desire(D) for the product,before the tourth step-the" call to action"(A)-tells them exacly how and where to buy .AIDA can channel thecustomer's feelings through each stage of the communicationprocess toward reaching a sale.

  Attracting the customer's attention is the first challenge and this maybe achieved by using an attracting phrase. offering a discount of some thing for free,or demons Hating how a problem Lan be solved. Once someone's attention has been seized, it must be turned into read interest,This is best done by providing a brief description of the product's benefits to the consumer rather than simply listing the product's main features,problem-solving claims,or that desire to be met the means to buy,on website advertising.This might be a direct link,on TVor print,it may be a website or telephone number.

  In the movie industry, the stages of AIDA are used to great effect.Movie studios after begin their marketing campaigns monts in advance which develop in tekest by offering in attractive glimpse of the movie without giving too much away Desire is inspired by the release of the full previewWhich care fully designed to show the exciting moments of the movie,from special effects to humorous lines of dialogue on the opening weekend advertisements in news papers and on television focus on the movie's release ,inviting the consumer to go and buy a ticket

  52.What is the purpose of creating the AIDA model?

  53.Which of the following can turn customers' attention into real interest?

  http://54.In which stage of the AIDA model are giant posters used?

  55.What is the writor's tone in introducing the AIDA model?

  A.How can I Help you B.Where do you live C.Can you arrange a wake-up call at 6 a.m. D.ls that all E.What else can thelp you with F.Have your fim is hed G.Who is that H.What is your room number

  Clerk:Hello this is the front desk _56_?

  Brown:Hello I need to catch a place tomorrow at 9a.m._57_?

  Clerk:of course_58_?


  Clerk:OK.We will call you the_59_?

  Brown:Yes.l Need a taxi for 7 a.m.could you do me a favor?

  Clerk:No Problem_60_?

  Brown:Yes.thanks your help)

  Clerk:lt's my pleasure.

  【答案】56 G、57 C、58 H、60 D


  你(LiYuan)周一因为要去参加演讲比赛,不能上外教(Professor Smith)的写作课。给他发一封E-mail







  Dear Teacher,

  I have a compete this Monday;, so I have to give up your important class to join this compete.lam worrying about how to improve competition,so I decide to find a enough time to improve after this compete.

  Please understand the reason why I asked for leave. I have prepared for this contest for a long time. The competition for the speech contest is so fierce that I need to go all out. In the face of this pressure, I have to ask for leave from the teacher and hope that the teacher will approve Ipromise that I will make up the missing course content and submit the homework in time when I come back from the competition. I hope you will approve again Your student

  Li Yuan

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